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Draught proofing

Sash windows use a weights system to allow the windows to lift and fall with ease. To enable this there is a small gap between the sash and the frame which can often cause draughts, rattles and heat loss. Often people fix or paint their windows shut as a solution.


In colder or windy weather any draughts created by your existing sash windows can lead to you turning up the heating to compensate. However, research has shown that draught-proofing your sash windows can reduce air leakage by 33-50% significantly reducing the energy required to heat your home.


The cost of draught-proofing can be recouped within 5 to 25 years, whereas replacement non-sash plastic doubled glazed windows can take between 60 to 100 years for you to start enjoying any savings.


Draught-proofing your sash windows can also greatly reduce unwanted noise levels in your property, eradicate any rattling and ensure your windows operate much more efficiently overall.


We will work with you to agree what would work best for your sash windows by considering the size of gap to be sealed and whether any allowances need to be made for seasonal expansion and contraction.


Our team will remove your sashes from the frame, replacing them with new draught proof beading, pulleys, ropes or hinges and new furniture if requested. Draught proofing is an approved method for listed buildings and those subject to conservation regulations. If you own a listed building, existing timber windows can normally be draught sealed and overhauled without the need for planning permission.


Draught-proofing your sash windows is one of the most cost-effective and least intrusive ways of improving the comfort of your home and reducing energy usage with little or no change to a building's appearance

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