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Sash window springs are the modern replacement for sash cord and are usally fitted to modern sash windows that may have single panes or double glazed units.


The springs don't require a traditional box frame that normally houses the sash weights, allowing you to have larger sash windows.


If sash springs are not maintained they become clogged up with dust and can become stuck or even snap in the carrier. Often sash springs simply need to be cleaned and re-adjusted to restore their function.  We offer such a service as well as a replacement option for any broken sash springs to ensure your windows run smoothly.

Furniture for a sash window not only creates a stunning finish to any renovation, it is also vital for both performance and security.


We supply the following furniture available in brass, polished chrome or a satin chrome finish:


-Lift and pull handles to assist with the function of your sash windows

-Sash pulleys to assist with the operation of heavy windows

-Various styles of catches for basic security (see below for security 'stops')

-Traditional or modern furniture to complement the style of your property

-Poles and hooks to assist with the operation of larger or hard to reach windows

-Traditional Cambridge lifting system to assist with the operation of hard to reach windows.

We recommend you don’t just rely on catches to secure your sash windows. Security ‘stops’ are strong and convenient to use allowing your window to open partially for ventilation but retain the security of your property.  


These ‘stops’ can easily be removed and replaced by you should you wish to open windows further. For optimum security on larger windows we recommend that ‘stops’ are fitted in pairs.


Sash window security ‘stops’ are the most common form of security, however we do stock a range of security furniture that can be demonstrated.

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