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Over the years, timber windows that have been exposed to the elements without regular maintenance, will deteriorate. Chipped or flaked paintwork and missing putty allows water and damp to seep into the wood. This can lead to rot and eventually, if left untreated, collapse.


The parts of a sash window that are particularly susceptible to this are the sills, bottom rails, lower sections of outer linings and pulley stiles. We offer a full painting service for your wooden sash windows to protect them from damp and warp and to maintain a professional finish.  


Paintwork can often end up cracking and flaking over time; we therefore recommend that sash windows are re-painted at least every 5 years.

Our painting process involves both sash windows and frames being fully prepped, with any bare wood treated with an oil-based primer before having an undercoat and oil-based top coat applied inside and out. If you need advice on paint colours we offer paint cards to help you decide.


You may need to re-glaze your sash windows for a number of reasons, most commonly if you have a broken pane of glass.


Another reason may be to replace glass that is outdated or does not match the style or period of your property or the purpose of a room i.e. frosted glass in a bathroom.  

You may also wish to upgrade your glass for security reasons by switching to toughened glass.


The types of glass available to achieve these improvements to your sash windows are:


-Crown restoration glass to retain the historic character of your property

-3 or 4mm float glass that provides a smooth flat surface and good vision

-Toughened or laminated glass to increase strength

-Obscure/textured glass to retain the privacy of a room


Any replacement glass is fitted seamlessly to the inside of the existing sash window frame.

Frosted film can also be applied to a sash window to provide complete privacy whilst still allowing 80% of light into a room. This could be applied in bathrooms or in rooms at street level.


Glass can be a fragile and potentially dangerous material, with the possibility of serious damage or injury if broken. Safety film can be applied to any window that is, for example, in a child's room or at street-level to reduce the likelihood of injury.


In the event of a broken pane the safety film holds dangerous shards of glass in place to prevent injury. This is practically invisible once applied and will not peel or discolour over time.

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