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Basic or comprehensive renovation

Over time, sash windows become weathered and loose in their frames due to wood shrinkage or building movement, which can cause rattling.


Sash windows also use a weights system to allow the windows to lift and fall with ease, which is housed inside a small gap between the sash and the frame. This mechanism can often cause draughts, rattles and heat loss. Often people fix or paint their wooden sash windows shut as a solution. However, this goes against the original function of a sash window, which is to maximise the airflow into a property when open using an equal gap at the top and bottom (the cooler incoming air through the lower opening flushes warm air out of the top opening).


A basic renovation includes your sash windows being removed from their frame, with any build-up of paint on the sashes and/or frame removed. The sashes are then re-shaped to fit the frame, re-balanced and new sash cord fitted to allow for for smooth operation. If extensive rot is found, sections of the sash window’s sill, mullions or mouldings are replaced. We match the historic profile of the existing wood.


A comprehensive renovation includes the above, plus the replacement of all sash window furniture in the style and finish chosen by you from our collection. You can choose from a large range of styles including brass or polished/satin chrome.


In extreme cases of disrepair a sash window may be beyond renovation and may need to be replaced. We offer a full sash window replacement service, with your windows measured and manufactured to matching profiles and mouldings crafted by our trused and professional joiners.




Where salvageable, we believe original wooden sash windows should be renovated rather than replaced. It's a common misconception that rotten or damaged sections of sash windows require a full replacement, when often renovation is all that's required